FILAB: a laboratory at the forefront of chemical and materials analysis technologies

Founded in 1979, the FILAB laboratory specialises in the fields of chemistry and materials. With 85 employees today, the laboratory intends to continue its development of cutting-edge technologies and to double its workforce in the next five years.

“We are a service provider laboratory in the field of chemistry and materials,” explains Benoît Persin, one of the company’s five partners (along with Jérôme Goux, Thomas Rousseau, Céline Milot and Hubert Vittoz). “We work for the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food industries, as well as for major French and European research centres.”

FILAB offers several main types of service: “The first, which represents about 1/3 of our business, is analysis. We carry out compliance analyses for our clients to ensure that their products comply with the standards and regulations in force. At the moment, we have a lot of requests concerning nitrosamines in the health sector, substances that are currently being targeted by the competent authorities.” The company also offers material expertise and industrial process improvement services. “We seek to identify the reason(s) for the problems encountered by our customers, whether they are contamination, problems related to the manufacturing process or the raw materials used.” Finally, FILAB also offers formula development for clients “who do not have the equipment, infrastructure or skills to do this. Our clients define us as a partner laboratory, an extension of their internal laboratories.”

Each year, FILAB invests €1.5m in advanced analysis and characterisation techniques. Recently, the company invested in an AFM, which enables it to characterise the extreme surface (in the nanometre range), and in an ICP-MS/MS, “which enables regulatory analyses to be carried out on elementary impurities, such as heavy metals, in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and medical devices. This technique allows us to go down to the lowest possible quantity thresholds. We are the only private laboratory equipped with this device in France. We are also currently the only laboratory accredited by the Cofrac for nanomaterial analyses,” Benoît Persin continues.

To the cluster’s members who would like to know more about the laboratory and its activities, Benoît Persin issues an invitation: “Come and see us! Our laboratory is over 2,100 m2 and we are equipped with the latest technologies. Our laboratory is our best advertisement!”



Firstly, because many of our clients are members of the cluster. Secondly, because it allows us to rub shoulders with and exchange ideas with those who are innovating, and to keep up to date with the latest technical developments. Finally, it is a way of making ourselves known and finding new outlets for our company. Our customers are increasingly demanding bio-based solutions. We want to rely on the innovations of the cluster’s members to develop new methods of analysis or characterisation of biosourced materials. And to always remain at the forefront of innovation.



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