An Overview of the Bioeconomy in Brazil

The population growth projected for the coming years and the consequent increase in consumption of water, food, energy and natural resources have been causing unprecedented impacts on our ecosystem (BNDES, 2018). The impacts and challenges caused by the population growth, associated with the growing urbanization, the overexploitation of natural resources, the dependence on fossil resources, the consequences facing the current health crisis and the uncertainties related to climate change on a ...

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green recovery

Bioeconomy & Green Recovery: when innovation drives a more sustainable industry

Build back better: a healthy planet for healthy people and prosperity   The economic stimulus packages and recovery plans that the EU and national governments are now putting in place have the potential to create a recovery that is both green and inclusive. The European Green Deal, launched at the end of 2019, is a new growth strategy that aims to deliver the coherent policy framework to implement a more sustainable European ...

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Let’s choose the bioeconomy to build the “new normal” world

by Boris DUMANGE, General Manager of the IAR cluster Our society is vulnerable. The COVID-19 crisis severely exposes its fragility: our indigenous industries are sorely depleted (lacking masks, pharmaceutical raw materials, medical equipment); our multiple addictions risk causing serious disruptions in our supply chains; we are simply not ready for the future health and environmental crises that human activity increasingly triggers. Faced with these findings, it is necessary to consider the “new ...

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IAR & the European Bio-based Industry – Impacts & Perspectives for the French Territories

On the occasion of the publication of the recent report “2014 – 2020 Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking: A high-impact initiative for green recovery of Europe”, Christophe Luguel, Director Europe at IAR – The French Bioeconomy Cluster, has given us his views on the past, present and future of the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI-JU) Public-Private Partnership (PPP). In a nutshell, the BBI JU, operating under Horizon 2020, was set up as one ...

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