Eurocob exploits the full potential of maize cobs

Located in south-west France, Eurocob has been processing corn cob since the late 1980s. Today, the company has become the European leader and ranks 3rd in the world for this ...

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The agri-food industry, a major power of the bioeconomy

What does the Covid-19 pandemic impress upon us? The precariousness of the world, the uncertainty of tomorrow. What does it give credibility to ? The interest of creating new models ...

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The Blue Bioeconomy: Conquering algae

Algae constitute an unlimited and still underexploited biomass reservoir wherein lies a key raw material for our future. The interest and hope of those involved in the bioeconomy are high. ...

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RITTMO: at the service of sustainable agriculture

A private development and research centre created in 2001, RITTMO designs innovative solutions to encourage the return of organic matter to the soil and support the development of sustainable agriculture. "The ...

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An Overview of the Bioeconomy in Brazil

The population growth projected for the coming years and the consequent increase in consumption of water, food, energy and natural resources have been causing unprecedented impacts on our ecosystem (BNDES, ...

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Plant-based fibers: an ecological and efficient alternative for building insulation

In the family of bio-based materials for construction application, flexible insulation made from plant fibers is experiencing particularly dynamic growth, driven by the wave of “greening” of buildings. While they ...

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green recovery

Bioeconomy & Green Recovery: when innovation drives a more sustainable industry

Build back better: a healthy planet for healthy people and prosperity   The economic stimulus packages and recovery plans that the EU and national governments are now putting in place have the ...

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A favourable climate for bioenergy growth

The French and European objectives in terms of ecological transition have opened up a future for the bioenergy sector, which has strong development potential and a good card to play. Coming ...

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